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  • Julian Bleecker

    Julian Bleecker

    Founder of Near Future Laboratory & OMATA. Venice Beach, California. Does Design-Engineering for More Habitable Futures. omata.com nearfuturelaboratory.com

  • Cortney Cassidy

    Cortney Cassidy


  • Holly Firestone

    Holly Firestone

    Community Strategist. Currently: Head of Community at Venafi. Previously Salesforce & Atlassian. Challenge me to a pun-off. Twitter: @hollyfirestone

  • Cooper Turley

    Cooper Turley

    Chance favors the connected mind. Focused on building communities by making crypto cool again.

  • Kevin Chou

    Kevin Chou

    Co-founder of Rally

  • Alex Masmej

    Alex Masmej

    Founder Rocket, part of MetaCartel, founding member Marketing DAO, member Stake Capital DAO. @AlexMasmej on Twitter

  • Reuben Bramanathan

    Reuben Bramanathan

    Blockchains, cryptocurrency & law. Helping crypto teams solve hard problems. Previously product & legal@coinbase

  • George Ko

    George Ko

    🎹I play the piano. Young Steinway Artist.

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